Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №3_

Municipal formation: innovation and experiment 2018. 3.


13.00.01 General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education

Mudrik A.V. On the history of included observation as a method of studying the social sphere

Svisto V. V. Features of the educational result and its quality in the supplementary education of children

Sannikovа E.S. Role of family and preschool institution in formation of tolerance of preschool children to persons with disabilities

Smirnova I. G. Features of formation of coherent speech at children of the senior preschool age with general underdevelopment of speech iii level

Lyaginskaya I.A. Social and cultural adaptation of children of preschool age

13.00.04 Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health and adaptive physical culture

Tomilin G.V., Mirzoeva E.V. The study of motivation of sport organizations as a factor of development of the personnel management system

Alieva E.F., Sarafanova E.V., Novoselov M.A., Skarzhinskaya E.N. Formation of social-communicative competencies of students by cybersport

Ovchinnikov Yu. D., Sidenko A.S. Ergonomic biomechanics in russiausa toys for children (using bisimoto)

13.00.08 Theory and methods of vocational education

Alekseenkova E. G. Assessment of teachers’ motivational problems and difficulties during the implementation of continuity in educational complex

Krasnov S.I. Development of teachers ‘ subjectivity in the process of project activity development in the system of professional development

Concol M. M. Formation of intercultural tolerance of future specialists in the educational process of the university

Ruban I.A., Tugoi I.A. Electronic educational resources for intensive study of the russian language

Shcherbin M. D. Problems of introduction of e-learning in higher education institute

Kuznetsova T. V. The historical aspect of the double degree program implementation

Sarafanova E.V., Podolskaya O. N., Ivanova N.A., Maliced Y.I., Kosyreva E.E., Radionova O.R.

Modern models and assessment methods of innova-tive activity of pedagogical worker

Tarakanova V.V., Romanenko A.I. Ecological safety of towns in Moscow region

Novikova G.P. Adragogical the foundations of teachers‘ professional development in continuing



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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании